The Evolution of Spice N’ Pans

The Evolution of Spice N’ Pans

Hi everyone!

Thanks for dropping by our blog. This is our first post ever on the “Spice N’ Pans” blog.

Just to give you a background of us, we’re a couple – basically my husband, Roland, was kinda forced by me to start this blog and our very own Youtube channel entitled “Spice N’ Pans”. I was partly bored and mostly keen to learn more about the wonders of social media by actively being a part of it. I have to be honest that I am rather lazy. It took me quite a while to start writing this first blog post but I figured that I need to start moving my butt if I want to achieve what I’ve envisioned.

As our channel name suggests, “Spice N’ Pans” will be very much focused on cooking and food in general. Since young, Roland has taken a liking on cooking and those who tried his food will never leave the table without praising him. Not just because they were trying to be polite but because Roland is really that good. He’s a self-taught home cook. We both hold a full-time job so the only time he will cook is on weekends and over public holidays or off days. If you ask him, I bet he will tell you that I’m his worst critic and I concur. I’m the most honest food taster he will ever get. I’m always very critical of him because I want him to cook the best for our guests.Thank goodness I don’t have kids because I’ll be a slave-driving mom. LOL.

Apart from video and blog posts circling around the topics of cooking and food, we will also be including some videos on our comical pets so that not only we can remember them forever, we hope the world can share our joy derived from their company. I personally really really hope you will.

All right, that’s it for now. Stick around, okay! 🙂



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