Quick Chinese Chicken Soup (Non-Herbal) // How to use Pressure Cooker

Quick Chinese Chicken Soup (Non-Herbal) // How to use Pressure Cooker

I love chicken soup cooked with ginger because it just tastes so refreshing and heart-warming. I guess I’m accustomed to chicken soup made this way because my mom used to cook this a lot when I was much younger. Now that we’re living apart, I don’t get to try her cooking as much before. Good thing is now I have Roland to make delicious meals for me…Yes you can say that i’m really blessed and I don’t deny that πŸ™‚

In this episode, Roland will give you some tips on how to use a pressure cooker. This will be useful for some of us (me included) who always think it’s dangerous to use a pressure cooker πŸ˜›πŸ˜›

See the full ingredient list here:

Ingredients list
Serves 6

800g spring chicken
2 thumb size ginger
1 tablespoon of white peppercorn
2 stalks of scallion or spring onion
1 chicken bullion cube / stock cube
1 can button mushroom – retain liquid from the can for use

You can take a look at how Roland made this yummy soup by clicking this link:


Hope you can recreate this yummy dish in the comfort of your home. Thanks for dropping by our channel.

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