SUPER YUMMY Crab Beehoon 螃蟹米粉 Crab Vermicelli

SUPER YUMMY Crab Beehoon 螃蟹米粉 Crab Vermicelli

Crab bee hoon (螃蟹米粉) is a popular Singaporean rice vermicelli dish. As the name suggests, the dish basically consists of thick rice vermicelli with crabs  served in milky broth. If you’re a crab lover, you have got to try this dish. The sweetness of the crabs flavours up the soup so well – heavenly!

Refer to the ingredient list below and watch how Roland cooked this dish  

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Serves 4

3 mud crabs or any crab species available to you
100g of ikan billis (dried anchovies)
2 pieces of dried sole fish
5 slices of ginger
1 chicken stock cube
1/3 cup of Chinese cooking wine (Huatiao wine)
1/2 cup of evaporated milk
500g of thick beehoon
2.5 litres of water

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