THE BEST Egg Foo Young 芙蓉蛋 Chinese Omelette

THE BEST Egg Foo Young 芙蓉蛋 Chinese Omelette

Egg Foo Young (Chinese: 芙蓉蛋) is a super delicious & super easy dish to cook. This is an omelette dish found in many varieties of Chinese cuisine such as Chinese Indonesian, British, Chinese American cuisine. The name comes from the Cantonese, a Chinese dialect.

If you run out of ideas on what to cook for lunch or dinner, just cook this Chinese omelette & half your meal is done – simple. I’ve seen a lot of Egg Foo Young served with gravy but in Singapore, we usually just eat it dry.

Refer to the ingredient list below & watch how a short video on our cooking steps for your easy reference.

Hope you can recreate this yummy dish in the comfort of your home. Thanks for dropping by our channel.

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Serves 4

– 6 eggs
– 50g of char siu – diced (if you like to make char siew from scratch, here’s the recipe)
– 5 pieces of prawns – cut into chunks
– half a carrot – shredded
– 2 dried mushrooms – cut thinly into strips
– 2 stalks of spring onion – cut into about inch side – only use the green section of the spring onion
– 3 teaspoons of Chinese cooking wine aka Shaoxing Huatiao wine
– 3 teaspoons of light soya sauce
– 1 red onion – half & cut into small long strips
– pepper to taste

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