How to Cook Lai Huat Seafood Inspired Sambal Fish

How to Cook Lai Huat Seafood Inspired Sambal Fish

This is a dish inspired by Lai Huat Seafood restaurant in Singapore. Ever since we started this cooking channel, we seldom get the opportunity to eat out over the weekend because we’re always stuck at home producing new recipes for you. Before we started this channel, we used to eat at Lai Huat Seafood a lot & we especially love their sambal fish. Their sambal was to-die-for. I’m not sure if they’re still good but they used to be really nice. Have you tried it before? Let me know your thoughts about them. By the way, if you fancy, you can make more of the sambal chilli & keep them in the fridge as ingredient for other dishes such as sambal kangkung or even chilli crabs. However, please try to consume the chilli within a week as no preservatives were added

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Serves 4

~500g of fish of your choice (we used pomfret)
Marinate the fish with some salt on both side & coat the fish with some plain flour.

Making the Sambal Chilli
50g of dried shrimps – soaked for 20 mins then minced or pound
30g of belachan – dry toasted
2 teaspoons of salt
3 teaspoons of sugar
Tamarind juice (mix 1 tbsp of tamarind w/ 0.5 cup of warm water)

Blend the three ingredients below together & put aside:
1 whole bulb of garlic
160g of shallots
Some water

Blend the chilli ingredients below together & put aside
40 pieces of dried chilli – wash & soaked
10 pieces of bird’s eye chilli (can be reduced or increased)
200g of chilli
Some water

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