Super Easy & Sedap Homemade Sambal Petai Recipe 叁巴臭豆

Super Easy & Sedap Homemade Sambal Petai Recipe 叁巴臭豆

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Some people love petai beans which are simply known as petai or pete, in Indonesia, but some really dislike it because of its odious smell. For those who enjoy petai, I have good news to share with you– petai has a high nutritional content, and has a lot of health benefits for our bodies. Woohooz!

Here are 30 scientific health benefits of petai according to Mr Google:

– Relieves depression
– Helps overcome with PMS disorders
– Prevents the occurrence of anemia
– Lowers high blood pressure
– Improves cognitive abilities
– Eliminates the feeling of tightness due to glut
– Eliminates itching due to mosquito bites
– Prevents obesity
– Good for gastric health
– High Vitamin A & C
– Reduces cholesterol
– Treats heart disease
– Can lower body temperature
– Prevents stroke
– Helps stop smoking
– Contains antioxidants
– Overcomes digestive disorders
– Clears constipation
– Helps manage diarrhoea
– Helps those with difficulty to defecate or take a pee
– Eases Abdominal pain
– Resolves Heartburn

Refer to the ingredient list below and watch our step-by-step video here for your easy reference.

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Serves 4

Making the sambal paste
Group A – blend altogether
2 tablespoons of dried shrimp (soaked in 1/2 cup of water — use the water as well)
10 pieces of shallots
5 pieces of dried chilli
10 pieces of fresh red chilli

Group B – fry
2 tablespoons of oil
Blended chilli paste (from Group A)
25g of belachan – dry roasted over low heat
1 teaspoon of sugar

Ingredients for stir-frying
1 red onion – sliced
150g of petai
Half of the sambal paste
1 tablespoon of water

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